Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marketing is Easier with Quality Photography

Marketing is Easier with Quality ContentYour marketing materials are the first impression your small business makes to potential customers. Visitors literally make a 50 millisecond visual assessment of your company website. Printed collateral and advertising have a similar small window to impress. This fraction of a glance will determine if they will call you or move on to a competitor.

To pass this visceral test, your marketing campaigns need quality photography. This includes professional digital images of:
  • People
  • Products and services
  • Business locations

Get Your Team In Frame
Stedman & Kazounis Plumbing & Heating - People Photography by Terrapin Art & Design

Get Your Team in Frame
You greet customers with a smile and welcoming introduction. Your business marketing materials need to make the same human connection, meaning photos of people. Smiling people on your brochures,direct mail and other materials deliver the same impact of a friendly, in-person reception. 

Professional and Positive Photographs of Yourself & Your Team
White Cross Pharmacy - Portrait Photography by Terrapin Art & Design

Once you’ve established this human connection, you must reach the next level with a personal connection. Professional and positive photographs of yourself and your team in action make customers feel like you’ve already met upon that first handshake.
Customers want an idea of what they’re buying. Detailed, educational photos allow customers to experience your service or handle your product digitally.

Feature team members producing or handling your products, or delivering services to a customer. Effective photos bring customers to your door for that closer look at what your small business offers. 
“This is the Place”
Your facility, store or office needs to convey the same productivity and professionalism online as it does in person. Get some outside shots of your business, making it recognizable to new arriving customers who viewed it online. 

Interior Photography of You Business
Benjamin's Restaurant - Location (Interior) Photography by Terrapin Art & Design
Encapsulating, wide shots of the inside of your facility show the scope of your company. Team members hard at work at their desk or workbench displays your dedication and the benefits of partnering with your company. 

Your small business has years of experience, highly-skilled employees and markets with well-written,informative content. But poor quality photos might scare off potential customers before they can learn about your company’s capabilities. Give customers the true experience of your small business using professional custom marketing photography.

Check in with Terrapin and our next Shout Box installment, a breakdown of stock photography vs. customer commercial photography in small business marketing.