Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photo opps are everywhere… just take them

Photography is easier than ever for small businesses today

Photography is easier than ever for small businesses today

Digital photography has transformed the way that businesses market their products and services.  What was once a costly process involving rolls of film and expensive cameras is now a relatively low-cost endeavor.  There’s no longer a cost for images and decent quality cameras are built right into the devices that we use everyday.

Here at Terrapin, we have digital cameras, smartphones and tablets that we use on a regular basis to document the people, places and things that define the business.  The quality on each device is very good with sizes large enough to be useful on blogs, social media, websites and more.  

What qualifies as a photo opp?

With access to so many portable, mobile devices, there’s no reason why you shouldn't be documenting the things that happens at your business.  But what should you be looking out for?  What qualifies as a “photo-opp” at your business?  Here are some examples from a few of our clients....

1.  Photograph products to demonstrate their use

If your business sells a physical item, you should invest the money to have professional photos taken of your products*.  But with that being said, there’s nothing that says you can’t take candid photos of the product in use so that your audience can get a better understanding of how it works.  These additional photos (or videos) can paint a fuller picture of the item and help guide visitors toward a buying decision.  

2.  Photograph the people associated with your business

As I had mentioned in a prior post about Facebook, consumers want to connect with businesses on a personal level. So given them what they want and post photos of the people who make the business run.  These can include employees, customers, vendors, etc.  The idea is that you want to present a public face for your company - one that your audience can identify with on a more personal level.  

3.  Photograph events that you’re attending

If you’re business is active in the community, endless photo opportunities await.  Sponsoring a local baseball team?  Take photos of your logo on the uniforms.  Exhibiting at a trade show?  Take photos of the booth and sales team in action.  Team building exercise at an off-site location?  Take photos that show teamwork in action.  Summer party for the entire office?  Take photos of attendees enjoying the day.

Today’s cell phones, tablets and cameras make it easier than ever to create great visual content for your business, so take your opportunities when they arise.  Once the moment has passed, you’ll never be able to get it back, so take photos and figure out how to use them later.  

*Professional photographers are an extremely important part of marketing.  When you need solid, high resolution images that involve a high degree of lighting proficiency, a pro photographer is the only answer.  We offer photography as a service here at Terrapin and know the value that it can provide when marketing a product or service.