Thursday, October 9, 2014

Responsive Web Design is Here to Stay… Is Your Website Ready?

There’s been a misconception about responsive web design; it’s not simply a fad wasting time and effort. Responsive web design – developing sites that are visually pleasing on both desktop and mobile devices simultaneously – has embedded itself into our digital lives. For marketers, ignoring this newfound necessity may result in higher bounce rates, limited online exposure, and fewer conversions. With more and more people turning to mobile searching and shopping, now is the best time to commit to a responsive mobile site.

Top Reasons Responsive Mobile Sites Are Now a Must

  • Browsing from phones and tablets outranks desktops. People surf the web at restaurants, grocery stores, and nearly anywhere else. Even inside the home, it’s often quicker to search on a mobile device than to boot up a desktop.

  • As social media platforms continue to solidify themselves as major sources of referral traffic, it is clear that websites need to appeal to these users. Because the majority of social media activity takes place on tablets and smartphones, it’s important to format websites in a way that enhances the mobile experience.

  • With a 60 – 100% conversion rate for many companies that switch over to responsive web design, it’s a no brainer. So many companies see immediate increases to conversion rates shortly after creating a responsive mobile site that it’s safe to say you’re losing money every day your company goes without one.

  • Internet users are either becoming accustomed to fast-loading sites or simply impatient. Regardless of which is true, having a fast, responsive website is important. When loading a desktop site on a mobile device, load times typically take much longer. However, with a designated mobile site, loading takes a fraction of the time.

Effective Lead Generation with Responsive Design

While full website design still has its place in desktop browsing, responsive mobile sites are a necessity in this digital landscape. Consumers are flocking to newer, faster smartphones and tablets in droves. This creates a unique advantage for businesses and provides an opportunity to create incredibly effective lead generation landing pages that drive traffic and enhance engagement.

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