Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3 Steps to Keep Your Company History Current

During our years in business we've met with a lot of companies around RI and Southeastern MA.  Some have been around for decades, others over a century.  We commonly see old framed photos around their offices and it's always interesting to us to get a glimpse into the past and see how it was done "back in the day".

As we start a new project we're excited to have all this great photography to work with... and then it happens.  It turns out that many of these companies have not done a good job of documenting the past 10 or more years of their history.  There is little to no photography for us to work from.

Digital photography has come a long way in the past decade.  A point and shoot camera, even the camera on your mobile device can capture an impressive photo.  You just have to be on the lookout for things to photograph:

1. Things that are New
  • Employees or key personnel
  • Products and services
  • Equipment, vehicles, capabilities
  • New location or facility remodel

2. Events that are Timely
  • Recently completed project
  • Company outings / celebrations
  • Special sales or celebrity appearances
  • Employee training sessions
  • Exhibit at a tradeshow

3. Achievements that are Recognized
  • Awards & certifications
  • Employee recognition
  • Speaking engagements

If you get yourself in the habit of taking photos on a regular basis, you'll soon have a treasure trove of recent happenings that you can use to market your business online, in print, or through social media.  And you will give someone 50 years down the road more interesting photos of the past to learn from.