Friday, May 24, 2013

Preparing for Employee Photo Day

At Terrapin we've always said that people like doing business with other people.  A website and marketing materials provide the perfect opportunity to introduce the team that makes your business unique.  Whether you hire a professional photographer or decide to use a point-and-shoot camera, taking some time to plan an employee photo day will give you a better shot at getting great photographs.

1.  Decide Who Needs to be Photographed -  Typically the management team will be photographed individually.  But don't stop there.  Think of how you can group other employees together - sales team, administrative staff, etc and get photos of them too.  If you have a large number of employees a team photo easily communicates the size of your organization.  Create a list of all the photos (and whose in them) so that you, your staff and your photographer can stay organized.

Decide Who Needs to be Photographed

2.  Select a Variety of Locations - The interior and exterior of your facility can provide unique backdrops for your photographs.  Take a few minutes to look around and see what might work.  A solid colored wall, someone's work area, the main entrance to the building all make great candidates.

Solid Color Background
Select a Variety of Locations - Solid Color Backgrounds

Inside Your Location
Select a Variety of Locations - Indoors

Take Advantage of the Beauty of Nature
Select a Variety of Locations - Ourdoors 

3.  Set a Dress Code - Whether uniforms, logo'd shirts or just company colors, a dress code will add consistency to the photos.

Set a Dress Code 

4.  Prepare Your Team - Make sure employees are aware of the dress code, time of photographs and anything else that may be expected of them.  Provide as much advance notice as possible and then remind them a few days prior.  This way they can look their best.

Prepare Your Team 

5.  Make it a Fun Event - Some people love being in front of the camera.  Others... not so much.  Come up with ideas to help lighten the mood.  Food, music, laughter.  If you're employees are having a good time it will show through in the photographs.

Make it a Fun Event

Some time spent planning will save time and stress for everyone come photo day.  Happy planning!