Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Avoid the Social Media Boneyard

Small Business Social Media Account

Your small business started a Google+, Facebook or Twitter page; now what? What do you do with it? What do you put on it? Little to nothing is the popular trend.

Too many small business social media accounts are neglected and/or abandoned. It is all too common to see half-baked company Facebook pages with 20 likes, mostly friends and family, last updated 6 months ago. Social media is a business vehicle; it needs a driver. 

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

What Are Your Goals?
You likely started your social media campaign because everyone else was doing it. Avoid thinking of it as a formality or some “keeping up with the cool kids” trend. Business social media is not going anywhere and is still in its infancy, so you don’t have that much catching up to do. Use social media to your advantage. 

Think about what you want for your business. Is it increased sales? Maximum buzz surrounding a new product or service? Social media is your partner in these efforts; it can grow your business if you let it. Valuable uses of social media include:

·         Starting conversations with customers
·         Building your brand
·         Social media-exclusive promotions

Building Social Media Ideas
Instant Gratification Doesn’t Exist
The psychology of the failed Facebook or Twitter page seems to be “If you build it, they will come.”  You posted a few photos and status updates, nothing happened, so you threw up your hands and deemed the service useless.

Approach the process with some patience. Sit down with your team and build up your social media ideas. Encourage anyone with a campaign concept to bring it to the table. Look into what your competition or industry leaders are doing on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It’s a classic team effort applied to a modern forum.

Consistency Wins in the Social World
Consistant Posts for Social MediaBusiness growth is an inherent benefit in starting and sticking to a social media campaign. There are other factors to consider. Inconsistency can hurt your social media presence down the road.

If your Facebook or Twitter updates sputter and disappear from user feeds, then pop up again, you’re not going to be taken seriously. Users will think you’re only interacting with them when it’s convenient for you, or when you need something. You wouldn’t ignore a customer on hold or in your office; don’t overlook them online.

Slow & Steady - Don't get frustrated with Social Media

Slow & Steady
Doing the bare minimum in social media will yield minimal or no results. On the flipside, applying effort to a social campaign will pay off in time as you build your audience and determine what piques their interest. You didn’t give up on your small business after a first trying month; don’t abandon social media because it doesn’t provide a quick fix.