Monday, August 6, 2012

Go for the Gold

Are you sick of seeing your competitors on that top platform proudly displaying their Google rankings gold?

Add Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements to your web campaign to take your own top spot.

Pay to Play
PPC is essentially a paid search engine advertisement. It utilizes keywords just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your content shows up in search results as a top or flush right ad instead of an organic result.

With PPC, you set up the ad, establish a budget and only pay when a user clicks the ad. Once the budget is exhausted, the ad comes down unless you re-up.  

The upside to this particular training regimen, if implemented well, is instant gratification. PPC ads are ready to go immediately and will show up at the top assuming a good selection of keywords and sufficient budget. PPC is ideal for specific or seasonal campaigns your business might offer, as well as a long-term marketing tool.

Be Ready for Double Sessions
You’ve drawn in users with your top listing. But establishing lasting web dominance requires “two-a-day” workouts. Along with your PPC effort, Search Engine Optimization is a must.

SEO is like the exhausting, tedious components of Olympic training. The athletes would probably rather skip the endless sprints, laps and conditioning routines.

But these dreaded workouts are mandatory for success, as is SEO. There’s no infomercial-featured, “get ripped in a week” plan to get top-ranking search results honors.

A good SEO plan starts with quality, detailed content. Avoid blatant repetition of keywords, known as “stuffing.” You need to work effective keywords into your site in a natural way.

Never Stop Getting Better
Once you get in peak shape, you have to work to stay that way. Updating your site frequently with fresh content is the only way to stay at the top of your game once you hit that goal.

This all comes back to the aforementioned patience, the old “no pain, no gain” speech you’ll get at practice or the gym.

Bring it In
SEO’s the marathon, PPC’s the sprint. Sticking to this philosophy will give you a competitive edge to go for the gold.